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Fall From Grace

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Photo: Monoco, Creative Commons
Photo: Monoco, Creative Commons

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Cover: monoco, Creative Commons

Wedding party photo Images from the photo exhibit “From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly — Beyond the Icon,” which opened Oct. 28 at the James A. Michener Art Museum. URL “http://must add url to contributed by:”.                                                                                                                      

A few words about the book

Fall From Grace is the the first of a three book Autobiography of Jyl Reybold the God-daughter of the famous Princess and Actress Grace Kelly.

Born into priviledge, Jyl Reybold grew up as the first child of a famous model mother and the Goddaughter of a Hollywood movie star who became the beloved Princess of Monaco. Between mother and Godmother, Jyl experienced — in her early childhood years — the best that New York City had to offer in both style and entertainment. Jyl was on top of the world. The serialized chapters of this book depict the fall from those idyllic times to the lows of poverty, neglect and social disengagement — the life that Jyl leads today. In her own words, co-written with Edward William Powell, Jyl works to make sense of the “Fall from Grace”.

The Authors

Jyl Reybold
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Jyl Reybold – Is the Co-Author of Fall From Grace her Auto biography,  co-written with Edward W. Powell.  Jyl is the God daughter of the late Princess Grace Kelly and tells it all in the book. Presently living in Ojai California Ted and Jyl got together to tell the true story of her mother Carolyn Reybold who was Grace’s best friend. more

The Author

Edward (aka Ted) W. Powellted 1

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Ted Powell is the Co-Founder of Folio Fantasy.  He is an Architect as well as an accomplished Songwriter and Author.  He has written articles for Edmontonian Magazine and has written several Serialized Web-Novels for this website.  


The late Grace Kelly of Philadelphia became a Princess on April 19, 1956, when she married into the world’s longest ruling dynasty.   In a glorious ceremony, Princess Grace was attended at her wedding by seven bridesmaids, all of whom were close friends from her home in America.   One of her bridesmaids was Carolyn Scott Reybold.
  Carolyn Reybold was my mother.

In 1950 my mother was beautiful, well adjusted, and highly successful.   She was a top Ford Agency model, a Seventeen magazine cover girl, and one of Grace Kelly’s closest friends.   For the subsequent fifteen years, she led a charmed life.   And then, one day, everything began to change — she stopped dealing with reality.   She became lost in strange behavior and entangled in secretive, cult-like activities.   In the process, she hurt and neglected her children.

Carolyn-Reybold-on-beachEventually, she ended up in a shelter for homeless women onPark Avenue in New York City.   Her days were spent wandering through the streets of Manhattan and praying in a small park near the Plaza Hotel.   She had been doing this daily for over ten years in the belief that prayers would someday elevate the park in status to a Shrine for Humanity.

For some four decades my mother had remained a woman of mystery.   Stories about her situation had appeared in newspapers throughout both Europe and America.   Countless times our family had been exploited by supposed friends who sold bits and pieces of our lives to the Press.   Hard CopyCurrent Affair, and Inside Edition all developed exposés on my mother’s bizarre life story.   “From Fairy Tale to Flop House” splashed the Star.   “Princess Grace’s Old Society Pal Now Lives on Streets” wrote Cindy Adams in her exclusive on page three of The New York Post.   The unwanted headlines were unavoidable.   But, until now, the real story had never been told.



Grace Kelly Wedding with Bridesmaids.

Grace Kelly Wedding with Bridesmaids.

Grace Kelly

Photo attributes:  by Philippe Halsman.



Feel Free to read the Entire first chapter of Fall From Grace in Flip fashion below which will help to give a sense of the story that unfolds in subsequent chapters.

Chapter 1

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