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Unborn-Purchase Chapters

Chapters for Purchase 

You can purchase the chapters although, if you have not read The Preface and Introductory chapters (below) please do so first.  They are free to read and enjoy…. they help to give a sense of the story that unfolds in subsequent chapters.  Happy Reading. 


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Chapter Three – As the bus travels to Toronto,  Sharona’s destination, she gets aquatinted with Kettie,  a first nations Medicine Woman who sitting next to her. 

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Chapter Four – Sharona continues her adventure as As the bus arrives in Toronto.  Bidding Ketty a tearful farewell, Sharona meets a new character, “Jimmy”.

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Chapter Five – Jimmy takes Sharona for a ride and introduces her to Turk who, with the help of “Jimmy”, rents her a room in his building.

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Chapter Six – Takes us back to Kettie the medicine woman. Introduction to Ketty and some of the girls living at the shelter which she runs. 

ebook overview


A few words about the book

Sharona finally found the courage to leave her hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. But she left without a specific plan in place for her new life as a dancer in Toronto. Buffeted by forces beyond her control she seeks out the casual friendship of a First Nations Medicine Woman for help to fight forces that seem to present impossible odds. New author Rosa Wilde leads us on Sharona’s journey of self-discovery through a maze of events that range from the unfortunate to the occult.

The Author

Rosa Wilde

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Rosa Wilde is the Author of several Novels.  Her latest Unborn, Delivered from Evil is our Featured Serialized Novel. She is a Canadian born Author known for controversial yet stimulating writings.

Chapter 1

She slipped again.   Her mother’s outstretched hand held her hand firmly.   It was as if the slope were covered in slick wet clay — very difficult to gain footing.   The forward progress was frequently held to mere fractions of inches.   Each step was arduous, a difficult measure of hard fought progress.   Ever upward, mother and daughter coaxing each other to maintain focus and determination. 

“We must make this climb, daughter!” the mother cried, the bond of familiarity long broken.   It was “mother” and “daughter” — no endearing names;  no soft tones.   “If we can just get to the other side it will be easier.” 


Thunderbay 1

Chapter 2

Sharona fell into the seat at an awkward angle and quickly righted herself in an effort to disguise her clumsy attempt at composure.   Embarrassed, she stared blankly out the window for a long while, not wanting to acknowledge her ineptness at such a simple task as sitting.

The older woman took it into her purview to create a sense of ease for the flustered young lady.   “You traveling all the way to Toronto?” she queried.   Without awaiting an answer, she continued, “I hope so, I could use a lovely young seat-mate to keep me company.   We don’t arrive in T. O. until six tomorrow morning and the trip can be really boring without someone to talk to.   Do you live in Thunder Bay?”   This time she waited for a response.

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