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Author Rosa Wilde leads us on a young woman’s (Sharona) journey of self-discovery through a maze of events that range from the unfortunate to the occult.
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An Earful of Silence

A novel written by Rosa Wilde. Anti-abortion activists are turning up dead.  Is it murder or suicide.   FBI agent Anne Trenchart has been tasked with getting to the bottom of it.  Can you figure it out?  
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 “Complimentary Chapters of  Unborn – Delivered from Evil, our featured Book is available to read Below in Flip book fashion.” 

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Ted Powell

Edward (aka Ted) W.  Powell  – Architect & Founder of the Cedar WaxWing Group.  He is a Licensed Architect with skills in Engineering and Planning.  more

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Laura Powell

Laura Powell  is the Webmaster & graphic artist for Folio Fantasy. She designs and manages the website and contents.  She has a degree in more

Rosa Wilde

Rosa Wilde

Rosa Wilde is the Author of several Novels.  Her latest Unborn, Delivered from Evil is our Featured Serialized Novel.    more

Dr. Nina Powell

Dr. Nina Powell

Nina L. Powell, Ph.D. is one of our Authors.  She holds a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore.  more

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A novel written by Rosa Wilde.  The story takes you to places 

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An Earful of Silence

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