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Folio Fantasy is a website dedicated to promoting independent online book-selling, fostering awareness of world issues and life stories in an entertaining serialized format.

We thought it would be a fun and suspensful way to read Serialized Books,  similar in the fashion to the way Charles Dickens novels were published the difference being that his were read in static magazines  and ours are live Web based stories with interaction from readers participation.

Featured chapters will be available for purchase on our  Shop pages.

Below, is a little history about the folks responsible for the creation of this site.

Edward W. Powell – Ted is the Founder of Folio Fantasy and Author of several books on this site. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada he resides in Ojai, California with his wife Laura,  2 dogs and many feathered friends where he practices Architecture, writes stories, and composes songs.   Visit his Architectural firm\’s website Design to the Nines. for more on Ted. 

Laura Powell

Laura Powell – Is the Co-Founder of Folio Fantasy and it\’s Webmaster.  She creates the graphics for the books as well as the website.  She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from UCLA and an Advanced Certificate in Web & Graphic Design from Sessions College for Professional Design.  She is the owner of several companies…  Design to the Nines an Architectural firm, Out on a Limb Exotics where she breeds small birds and The Art Of Dreamin a Custom Furniture Business. Visit her Portfolio Site.

Nina_Professional 1aqntjr 2

Nina L. Powell 

Nina L. Powell, Ph.D. is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina with 2 majors.  Psychology and French Studies.  Nina is author to several Symposium & Poster Presentations as well as Research Talks on Psychology.




Rosa Wilde

One of our most exciting new fiction writers, Rosa Wilde is a young but seasoned author from Eastern Canada. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Superior, Rosa attended Carleton University in Ottawa after graduating from Saint Patrick High School in her home town. Attaining a Bachelor Degree in Humanities, Rosa then spent time traveling through the southern U.S., Mexico and Central America. Proficient in French — a minor in her program at Carleton — she answered the call for volunteers to aid the poor and devastation-stricken in Haiti. In her “off” hours she filled pages upon pages in her daily journal. Her work